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Coronavirus Rental Assistance Program

The City of Pearland is participating in the Texas Emergency Rental Assistance Program (TERAP), which is providing grant funding from the Texas Department of Housing Communities Affairs (TDHCA) for emergency rental assistance to Pearland residents. Eligible renters can qualify for up to six months of rental assistance, which includes tenants who have been sued for eviction or tenants struggling to pay their rent. Eligible, qualified tenants that receive assistance must reside in rental property that is located within the City limits of Pearland, and could receive up to six months of rental assistance for portions of past, current and future rent. All assistance payments must be for consecutive unpaid rent in the arrears, include a current month’s rent due, and for any future rent payments eligible for payment. Submission of an application requesting participation in the program does not guarantee assistance and the availability of funds calls for the City to utilize a prioritization process to determine allocation of rental assistance.

General Tenant Qualifications

  • 80% or below area median income level (Metropolitan Statistical Area)
  • Must be located within the Pearland city limits
  • Must have been economically-impacted by COVID-19

No duplication of federal benefits may be included, so if a tenant has received prior “Round 1” City of Pearland assistance, those months may not be included. This is also the case for any OTHER rental assistance provided by other agencies that provide federally-funded rental assistance in the area. This program will NOT be able to provide utility assistance (water, electricity, gas, etc…).

Annualization of Income

The COVID-19 economic impact on households has resulted in sporadic employment and income for many, inconsistent earnings, as well as temporary economic assistance that has prevented people from receiving consecutive months of pay. Therefore, the program will annualize income in those situations for the purpose of assessing qualification to participate in the program.


The TERAP and TEDP initiatives will be designed to address urgent, unmet needs to the fullest extent possible, and may require that the City prioritize the recipients of rental assistance based on the following types of conditions:

  • Income Prioritization: Prioritization Factor 1 - 30% or less of the median area income;
  • Prioritization Factor 2 – 31% - 50% of the median area income.
  • Household Size: Prioritization Factor 1 – number of dependents per unit.
  • Employment Prioritization Factor: number of income-earners that are unemployed since application date.
  • Other demographic household information demonstrating additional economically vulnerability (disability, head of household type, veteran status, 60% or below median area income)

Registration/Application Period

Registration for the Landlord Registration portal is scheduled to open on February 23, 2021 and the Tenant Application section of the portal is scheduled to open on February 25, 2021. The Program will CLOSE promptly at 5pm on March 12, 2021 and no additional applications will be received after such time/date.

City staff assigned to provide case management can provide assistance for individuals that lack access to technology, need language assistance, have questions about program requirements and the application, or that have technical difficulties uploading documents. However, staff cannot provide legal or personal advice and will not be available for extensive support for unrelated matters.

General Program Requirements

Tenants must provide the following:

  • Personal ID or other method of ID (e.g. utility bill, voter registration form, or school registration form)
  • Copy of the executed or signed lease or if no written lease, required certification proving tenancy
  • Income: evidence of employment, unemployment, separation/termination, reduction/loss of work hours, pay, benefits, etc… (options include the following):
  • Paystub for the past 30 days
  • Termination/separation letter
  • Unemployment benefits letter
  • 2019 income tax filings
  • Public assistance program documentation (WIC, SNAP, TANF-TX, etc…)
  • Self-certification of income if below 60% of median area income
  • Tenant APPLICATION completed
  • Tenant CERTIFICATION FORM completed

Tenants Will Be Required to Prove and/or Certify:

  • PROOF OF TENANCY: If no written lease, tenant(s) must certify lease term, rent amount, and ability to provide proof of tenancy (e.g. through utility bill, cancelled check or money order).
  • NO DUPLICATION OF BENEFITS: Tenant(s) have not received rental assistance for the same months of rent and will not seek such assistance in the future for the covered months. Tenant(s) have not previously received rental assistance funded with CARES funds that, together with this assistance, will exceed 6 months in total.
  • COVID-19 IMPACT: Household has been economically impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Landlords must provide the following:

  • Completed 2021 IRS W-9 form (older forms from prior years are not acceptable)
  • Copy of the executed lease with the tenant or if no written lease, required certification proving tenancy and ability to provide proof of tenancy (e.g. cancelled check or money order).
  • Documentation of Unpaid Rent (ledger, rent roll, etc.)
  • Completed Landlord Form/Certification

Landlords will be required to certify:

  • PROOF OF TENANCY: If no written lease, Landlord must certify lease term, rent amount, and ability to provide proof of tenancy.
  • NO DUPLICATION OF BENEFITS: Landlord have not received assistance from another program for the same months of rent for this client and will not apply in the future. Landlord will reimburse the TERAP within 10 business days if you receive rent payment for this same time period.
  • NON-EVICTION: Landlord will release the tenant from payment liability for this time period, waive all claims raised if there is currently an eviction case, and not evict the tenant for the period covered by the TERAP.
  • FEES FORGIVENESS: Landlord will waive late fees/penalties and not pass court fees to the tenant.

Contact program support at (281) 652-1645 for assistance.

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